What does it mean to know you? – Poem

What does it mean to know you?
An answer I long to find.
How does one get to see you,
When your eyes are dull and blind?

I have read every book I’ve been given.
I’ve attended 1000 events.
I have sung every song that’s been written.
Yet no closer I am to my quest.

I have looked at all those around me.
And even asked how they have found thee.
And as I began on their journey.
No closer I came to discover thee.

What does it mean to know you?
I have searched far and wide.
How can can my heart perceive you,
When there’s so much that fills up my mind?

I have prayed every prayer with perfection.
I have read scriptures untold.
No good deed my hands have forsaken.
Yet your nearness no closer I hold.

I have gone to the spiritual gurus.
There’s no remedy I have not tried.
But no matter the man or the method,
No nearer I’ve come to your side.

What does it mean to know you?
This is my heart’s desire.
To see all the depths of your person.
For my whole being in you to abide.

To you I have chartered the journey.
Every step I have noted it down.
Lists upon lists with my strategies.
Yet in your arms I still long to be found.

I’ve exhausted all human resources.
There is nothing that’s left to do.
But to sit at your feet and surrender.
And simply wait for you to be you.

What does mean to know you?
There is no way that I can see.
Unless you yourself choose to show me.
All that is hidden in thee.

Written by: Dylan Cromhout, Cape Town, 2017
Inspiration: a dear friend’s deep desire to know God.

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