The Source of Our Oneness – Poem

So many divisions around us persist,
With each one a doctrine or practice insist,
Yet oh just how deeply our Lord did resist,
Everything that would His own body so twist.

So in order to save us from such a dark fate,
Our Lord sought his Father to expertly make,
One new man within himself to create,
From every dear member that makes up His mate.

And so did the Father devise a keen plan,
That would once and for all time create one new man,
With no more divisions or doctrines or clans,
But only the one from whom all things began.

And so in the fires of God’s beating heart,
A plan was devised that would bring a new start,
To destroy all the things that have torn us apart,
And never again by the devil outsmart.

Then one day the Father determined it time,
To bring forth this mystery from deep in his mind,
And once and for all put an end to this crime,
That had all around our frail hearts been entwined.

And so without protest resistance or fear,
His own Son as ransom He did volunteer,
To die on a cross and be thrust with a spear,
In order that we will forever be near.

So up onto Calvary our blessed Lord went,
His body for us to be broken and bent,
So that in Him the justice of sin would be met,
Our Oneness He claimed for the price our our debt.

In Him all divisions destroyed once for all,
The utter destruction of all hostile walls,
A complete restoration from old Adams fall,
That kept us for so long embittered and brawled.

So with division defeated and Oneness in hand,
He rose to His Father and took a firm stand,
As the prince of all peace and true promised land,
The place on which we now together can band.

And then from that triumphant eternal place,
His Spirit He sent to each nation and race,
To impart into us His own reconciled grace,
That would forever allow us to see face to face.

And so dear believer deep inside your own being,
Dwells a Lord who forever our Oneness redeemed,
He has from division set both of us free,
And become for us that in which we can agree.

So I love you my brother my kinsman my friend,
Not because we the same things on earth apprehend,
But because on the same Lord we both now depend,
To bring us to glory in Christ at the end.

Written by Dylan Cromhout, Cape Town