How do our Spiritual Bodies work?

This is a picture of two drawings that Leonardo da Vinci made when he started asking this very question, but just for the physical body. May we, today, be encouraged to understand the reality of how our Spiritual Bodies work…


Two weeks ago after posting about Christ being our Tree of Life a set of comments took place that really began a wonderfuly revelatory idea that I would like to share with you. It is connected to our spiritual bodies.

Watchmen Nee writes about this in some length in a book called The Normal Christian Life (very good). In it he looks at the different parts of a human (spirit, soul, and body) and how they all work together. I would definitely recommend it.

But to bring it home for you and to extend the conversation, I would like to post the comments that were made. These comments only really begin a conversation that I believe has the potential to yield some great truth if worked and cultivated a bit by the members of this blog. So, any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Here was the first comment by Nic Thakwray 

What a wonderful thought to exist and be sustained by the life-giving Spirit of Christ! I reckon that God designed our bodies’ relationship to food with this in mind. We actually consist of the food we eat. If you eat some bread, the bread is broken down into tiny molecules which are absorbed into our bloodstream and used to build the tissues that make up our bodies. Even babies being formed in the womb are built together out of the molecules in their mother’s bloodstream! Amazing! This is a faint image of what it means to receive the nourishment of Christ to our spirits. As we feed on Christ, WE BECOME CHRIST! We become one with him! He gives us life!

How do we do this? In what ways can we receive Him as our spiritual nourishment?

 And the reply by Dylan Cromhout
Hey Nic
I love your analogy. It is something that I too have pondered. Does the bible not reveal that all things are merely just a picture of Christ. How amazing to think that the “institution” of eating is in fact a physical representation of a spiritual reality.

In other words, if our physical bodies go through that process to break down food and assimilate it into the body, so too our spiritual bodies must do the same. They must have the ability to “break-down” the food (whether Christ or other) that we eat and then assimilate it into our spiritual bodies.

This is the natural process of growth that the Lord has designed. Just like we do not need to make our stomach break down food, so too we do not need to worry about how our spiritual bodies break down and assimilate food. Our only responsibility is to EAT! The rest of the system has been designed to work automatically. Fascinating. What an excellent system.

This makes one think about how we should approach our Christian lives…. Should we be worrying about growing? Should we be worried about doing things right? Or should we simply be concerned with our eating?

I think that we would fair so much better if we went back to the basics and focused on that which matters most. Eating Christ 3 times a day (as much as possible) and being concerned with eating only Christ, and discarding anything that will not be good for our spiritual bodies. This is how we approach our physical lives, so surely the same principles apply to the spiritual….?

To answer your questions: my thoughts are that we do so in the same way that we would do so in the physical…. by chewing. If we take a portion of scripture that reveals Christ, how do we get the nourishment from it? Well, we need to chew it. And that we do by exercising the same organ we use to eat… our mouths. We speak the scripture, pray the scripture, share the scripture, meditate on the scripture, sing the scripture… we chew and chew and chew, and then swallow of course to let it become a part of us.

Now, this can be done individually and we all need to learn how to eat Christ so that we can move on from the first things, from being fed only like children. We need to learn how to use our cutlery and eat Christ with our own mouths. That is fundamental.

Once we understand this concept for our individual selves and can eat effectively, the next step is learning to do it as a body. To learn how to Share Christ, Chew Christ, and then Swallow Christ together. And this my friend is the glorious life and mystery of organic church life…

So how would you say do our Spiritual Bodies work?


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