#8.2 – The Wisdom of Suffering [James 1:1-18]: Without Defects

Last time we looked at the fact that we are everything but perfect and flawless as we once were before sin. That we are constantly faced with under-performing, malfunctioning equipment. Some call it “The Human Condition.” But, we have also determined that God made a plan to ‘fix’ us, to make us whole again. And that plan is Jesus Christ.

So now to the Question:  What does suffering have to do with becoming perfect again?

Well, even though suffering is a ‘child’ of sin, it is also a catalyst for God’s purposes. In His sovereign wisdom it would seem that He has chosen to use suffering for His glory.

Lets look at it like this: Suffering is like a virus hacking into the files on our computers, messing with our internal systems, corrupting our files and destroying our coding. It’s a virus. One in fact, designed to destroy us, but ultimately allowed by God to help us…. But how is that possible?

Computer viruses, though made by hackers and other people with ill-intent, actually serve the purposes of development and innovation. When a new virus is made and begins infiltrating a computer system, the software community must work to fix it. And although the virus may have reeked havoc on the system, the software community is all the better for it, because the virus showed them the weaknesses in their system, the open back doors, the defects. And because the virus showed them where these defects are, they can fix them. In turn, their system becomes much stronger and much more effective and protected.

And it is exactly the same with us. Even though suffering (a virus) is brought on by our enemy, the devil (hackers) [see Job 1], and is designed to reek havoc on our lives (system), if responded to correctly, it can produce much good. If we see times of suffering as an opportunity to learn where we have open back doors and weaknesses in our system, we can actively work with God to fix them. So that once we have taken out the virus and closed all the open doors, we can be much more effective and protected, functioning on a stronger spiritual platform, and becoming more and more the person He has designed us to be….

Next time we will look at how we can work with God to fix the defects in our system revealed to us during times of suffering.

Father, thank you so much for who you are, and that you use things designed to destroy us for our good. What crazy logic. You really have a way of doing things that is so different, but effective. Teach us to trust you and to learn how you do things so that we can partner with you as a good friend would.