Points of Separation Part 7 : so what now?

We have now reached the end of the series and I simply wanted to walk through it quickly and ask you to answer it for yourself. Remember the question I asked you to keep at the back of your head through the whole series? What does God really want?

Part 1 We looked at how fear was introduced. We see man and woman doing the one thing that God asked them not to, and sin steps in.God banishes man and woman. I don’t know if you have ever been in a relationship(romantic) that fails. The first thing that closes to you is the loss of shared information, the loss of an intimacy that you were privilege to, I suspect that that is what they felt as they were removed from the Garden of Eden. Its like a break up or a divorce. Did God want that?

Part 2 In part 2 we saw God approach Abraham personally. Although that is still amazing, we see God having to approach a single person because the others do not seem very interested in a relationship with Him. Does God want that? We see some distance and some unfamiliarity from Abraham’s side, yet still open to communication from God. Somehow the intimacy that Man longs for that was lost draws Abraham to obey God.

Part 3 Here we saw God come and fetch His people, and develop a relationship with Moses. Through the dealings we see that the people don’t really want to hear God’s voice and choose to have a go between…..The prophet. If you look at the promises God gave Moses just before that, God meant the promises for all and not just a few. People however decided they do not want direct contact with God. Sounds like a lack of trust developed from people towards God (another repercussion of a break up). Did God want that?

Part 4 In par t4 we saw that the decisions people make has an effect in how God relates. If you would accept that God is not this stoic unchangeable list of principles, then you would see that God very much respects people’s decisions, even the one’s that are against Him.This is the stage of the failed relationship where each of the parties learn to respect each other’s boundaries. But I ask you again, Does God want this?

Part 5 Here we see the departure from God’s rule even on a 2nd degree. The people request a king, and God respects their decision and complies. Now people had God as an option. There were now other ways to live. A far cry from the Garden of Eden where God simply walked and talked with Adam and Eve. This is the part of a break up where the one party openly rejects the ways of the other person and they walk free. I ask you again. Does God want this?????

Part 6 Here I simply tied up some loose ends. I did ask you to think along a certain path and I hope you are at least seeing things a bit differently now…

I do however want to point out, that even though in Christ we have no more separation, we somehow have never fully grasped what that meant or means. We still find the church (the universal living body church as in the organic being) largely blind and grasping at straws to try and control people and trying to reduce it all to a bunch of rules. This as you can see is a far cry from what God wants.

So today you see a new type of separation occurring, it is a separation of Christ and principles. We skim over the scriptures and try and take the teachings of Christ and use them separate from the Living Christ.
If I could use an analogy here, its like you have a girlfriend/boyfriend (which ever fits you being a boy or girl respectively) and you have a long distance relationship with them via letters. You spend years apart, but love has kept you through it all. Eventually you get to spend time in person and because you cannot accept the reality of the person you continue to read the letters even while they are there physically. It sounds looney, but that is what we do by separating the person from the principles.

From the broken relationship side of things, once hurt by the “break up” its not so easy to jump back into the saddle of love again. We all know that, we have to deal with the banishment of the intimacy, the distrust we have, the rejection we feel and display. Its all issues that we have that distort our view of God and what He really wants.

To end the series, I ask you to really look at your life and ask yourself, have you accepted that you have the freedom and return to what God originally wanted? And if it is still not clear, please reread the entire series.

I have specifically left some questions unanswered, because we need to use our brains more these days. Also life is meant to be a walk with God, not some set of rules that make it easy for you.

I wish you well and hope you enjoyed this time as did I. A close walk in and with Christ is what I long to see us all in.