Living with Christ as our SOURCE – Introduction

#1 of Living with Christ as our Source

Living with Christ as our SOURCE

What does that actually mean?

It sounds really good and right, but what does it mean for you and me?

These and a few others, are questions I have started asking myself over the last while. It is something I have written on briefly in my recent testimony as the Lord began revealing this reality to me. However, I believe that much more could be said about it.

This post is somewhat of an introduction to a series on this topic. As we go along, I will look at scripture, do a few book reviews,  share links to other resources on the net, and hopefully also do a few out-of-the-box creative posts to spice things up and make it interesting. I hope to create something of a conversation that will lead us further into a life of living with Christ as our SOURCE.


God has designed us to live by a source. To draw strength and energy from something other than ourselves. Initially, He did this so that we could live by His life. So that we could draw our life from Him and so display His image and person. But not too long after we made our début on this planet, we chose to go down our own path, and in so doing, gave up living with God as our source for something else. And we have been doing it ever since!

In a society filled with all sorts of things to do, be, and consume, we truly are are surrounded by a myriad of “source-like” possibilities. How do we choose Christ a-midst all these other “gods?” How do we connect to a source that in many ways, we have never really lived by?

Many of us know the theory. “Abide in Christ!” “Have no other God but Me.” “I am the way the truth and the life.” But do we truly practice it? Can we truly say that we do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God?

Ultimately, this is what we were made for. We were designed to live with God as our Source. And always and forever we will desire it. Always and forever, our beings will not be satisfied with anything less.

I don’t know about you, but I desire this. I desire to live the life that I was designed to live. To be the the person that I was made to be. I want to live in truth. And I am not satisfied with just understanding it mentally. I want to know it with all of who I am. I want to practice it and live in a revelation of it. I want Christ. His Life. His Love. His very Person.

May this be a journey of life. One that does not just give information, but actually inspires revelation.  May the God of Glory answer our prayers and lead us into all truth as we read and share and encourage one another. I pray that this journey will yield much fruit in all our lives. That it will help disconnect us from things, and connect us to Christ. So that we may be the people we were made to be. And live with eternity beating in our chests. With the God of Glory filling our beings with His life and light.


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