#4 – The Genisis of Life [Rev 19:1-10]: Testimony

Hey everyone

After one of the blog readers (who also happens to be my cousin) read this weeks set of blogs while in a place of asking God to give her Revelation, He did. What follows is her testimony:

Wow. So my life’s just been changed! I’m not living in the fullness of the revelation yet. But I will.

Yesterday in reading the blog on Rev. 19:1-10 and reading this passage of scripture over and over again, thinking about the themes mentioned in the blog, my mind got blown away from a way of thinking that until now, was the best I had to sustain my christian walk so far. One that has come up short to sustain the purification process in Jesus.

I used to believe that the only reason Jesus came to earth to die for us was so that we could be free from sin, holy, and pure. I thought that that is what love looks like – Jesus dying for us so that we could be pure – just that. I thought His only desire was to make us holy. I loved Jesus so I desired to be holy – I thought that was the only point.

Ha ah. I realised last night that Jesus’ point in making us holy is so that we can get married to Him so that we can be with Him for all eternity. That is the point, the goal – He wants to be with us and He can’t be with us for all eternity if we’re not holy because He is holy, right… But the point is He wants to get married to us so that He can be with us. The point is getting married, the point is romance for all eternity… are you kidding me? That shakes my whole world of purpose-driven life upside down into a place where the only thing that counts is that Jesus loves me and wants to be with me and then it’ll be much easier to be purified ‘cos the goal is romance. Oh my word. The goal is romance. Jesus, you’re beautiful. Sorry for misinterpreting your actions.

In 2009 I went through a long process of impurities coming to the surface of my life and since then I’ve been scared to pray “Jesus, take my life, purify me, make me holy,” and surrender to the processes He wants me to submit to in my life. The pain of being purified seemed far greater that the joy of being made holy. My one friend said that that doesn’t make sense because Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I thought that what she said must be true but I don’t know how it works. Now I see why one can be sustained in a place of joy and peace and love in Jesus while going through a purifying furnace. Because the hope is actually like the bible says “in the joy set before us,” of being with Jesus for all eternity in His holiness and glory. Not just in being made righteous and holy. But Beautiful.

Thank you Holy Spirit of Revelation. Praise to God who answers our prayers and sustains our lives! Thank you to my friends who’ve been praying with me for revelation as well. God is faithful.

By Leaan Delport: laandelaporte@gmail.com