Points Of Separation – Part one: The Introduction of Fear

I will title this part: The Introduction of Fear….

When wanting to find out what something is about, anything at all, its best to go to the beginning. If you want to know what a company is all about, you read the founding statement and you will find the original intention of that particular company. Its not always in a name. I mean, look at the company Apple. If you simply drew a conclusion on the name you would most likely think it was to do with fruit. Well, we all know that it is a computer company, right?

To understand where we find ourselves as humans in today’s world, it only makes sense to go to the beginning and see what the original intention behind us being here is. Without that we really cannot function here or move forward since we find ourselves without a purpose or a reason to be. Hence, I will point us to scripture so that we can take a closer look into the past and see what the beginning really looks like. This will take a lot more than one post to get through, therefore put on your seat belts, open the sun roof, put cruise control on and lets go…….

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth……then Man… And God gives Man dominion on earth just like He has in Heaven (Genesis 1 vs28-30). Notice God gives Man dominion over all living creatures and all plants, therefore they are Man’s subjects (as in subjected to man). Keep this in mind, God does not say that man will have dominion over other men. Remember that, at a much later stage I will refer to that in later posts.

Man goes about his business and realises he needs someone that is like him and to cut a long story short, God creates woman. Man is through the moon (if he knew what the moon was at this stage… mmmmm I wonder). He is so happy he gives her his name “Woman,” meaning that she came out of him. On a side note this is an ancient Jewish custom, in that when you name someone you make them subject to you (less than you). Hence, when you give them your name they are made equal to you. Think about this later in scripture where we see the Lord saying “and the people who are called by My Name…..” Think about the implications of that statement now.

Genesis 2 vs 25. “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

To summarize here. God has created earth with creatures plants and fish in the ocean, etc. He then creates man and woman to rule and work it together.

Genesis 2 vs 16 was the only command that God had given man at this stage. And this was simply that he could eat of every tree of the garden except the tree of good and evil.

We know how the story goes here. The serpent convinces the woman to eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil and the woman convinces man to eat of it too.

Immediately we read in Genesis 3 vs 8 -9 that they hide themselves from God because they are AFRAID. And here we have our first point of separation.

Repercussions of this that we see after the fall: The Woman is named Eve, by Adam. As explained earlier, this has a significant impact on the relationship between man and woman. Eve as God stated in His judgment earlier declares that her “desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you”. To break that down further you need to realise that until this stage there was no authority given to man over woman. Here is where that is introduced. Granted, later on I think they take it too far, but here is a distinct separation that occurs between man and woman. Adam names her Eve…. Also note that Adam is now called Adam. First time that is expressed…..

Fear steps in. Something which never existed in man and woman. Since now they are afraid of God.

But most importantly, they are barred from Eden. Eden means paradise, delight and get this, it also means pleasure. God created man and woman for the Eden, in other words God creates mankind for His pleasure…..but thats a story for another day.

But getting back to the point. Point of separation number one, man and woman are removed from a non fearful environment, of walking with God unhindered with any question to motives on God’s part. After the fall that is not the case as both man and woman hide from God afraid. And if that was not bad enough, what I think is worse at this point is that they were not sure what God’s response to them would be, hence they hid….

And we have been hiding ever since haven’t we. Take a look around you. True intimacy does not abound among us does it? Honesty is not how I would term our current culture today. We worry all the time, we question everyone’s motives towards us. We think about ourselves all the time and how to protect ourselves. So I hope you get the reason why I start at the beginning…..

Here is where I will end off for today. Hope you join me in part two, three, four, into infinity and beyond……………


6 thoughts on “Points Of Separation – Part one: The Introduction of Fear

  1. Lynley

    Looking forward to go on this journey with you. This is a fantastic topic that I’m really excited to learn more about. Gaining insight into how God’s relationship with man has evolved over the ages can only shed more light into Who He is and what’s in His heart. I trust that this journey will grow our understanding of Him and give us a greater ability to know Him as Friend.

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