Points of Separation – Part 2: The first steps away

In case you never got the first part click here. Although I will try and make each post complete on its own, it is part of an entire series and therefore will make more sense if read as a whole. But enough housekeeping and onto the meat…..

Now even though man has been cast out of Eden. We still see in Genesis 5 vs 24 Enoch walked with God….
But as we read further, man grows increasingly evil and God plans to wipe man out (talk about separation hey). Noah however finds favour and we all know the story of the Ark and so forth and God’s promise never to destroy mankind like this again.

We then see that all the Earth had one language and they attempt to build a city and a tower with its top in heaven (take note that they are trying to reach God via their own means; there is a word for that… It starts with an R….)

God then steps in and confuses the languages of people and it ends up dispersing people all over the face of the earth.

Abram is the next person we will focus on here. God had called Abram out from where he stayed, away from family and everything he knew. And God and Abram (changed to Abraham) must of spent considerable time together, since we see in Gen 18vs17 God questions his wanting to keep some info away from Abraham. We also see later that Abraham negotiates with God to reduce the sentence on Sodom. Now that must surely require a level of influence and relationship must it not?

Up until and including Abraham we can see that God personally pitched up and spoke one on one with people. Also people seemed to be able to be close with God (especially in the case of Enoch).

After Abraham, there is a significant change in the way God communicates with the people He talks to. If you look carefully God mostly appears in visions or dreams from here onward. It will change, but up until another significant point this is the way God seems to want to communicate.

Isaac is born and we follow the story with Jacob (who later becomes Israel) and Esau (who in Jewish culture later becomes quite a hated name). The 12 sons of Israel (Jacob) with Joseph in the mix. Joseph going on to lead the Egypt nation. There is so much that I am simply skimming over here. But sticking to the point, we notice that God does not have one on ones except with Jacob and through this ends up renaming Jacob to Israel. It seems this is a trend with the Old Testament so far hey, chat to God and your name will change. In Jewish terms your name defined you, so i guess when God changed the names he was redefining who they were…….

In walks Moses……..

5 thoughts on “Points of Separation – Part 2: The first steps away

  1. What’s interesting to me is the progression here. God starts off with being seemingly “close” friends with Abram. Even to the point where He allows Abram to “speak into His life” in a sense. Amazing! Then, after Abram He seems to get “less close” with Jacob. You do not see Jacob having such a strong relationship with God as what His father had. Why do you think that is? Why does God progressively become less and less “intimate” with man?

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