Open up to the Lord – Song

Open up to the Lord

Capo 4
G      C           Em    D
The Lord Himself goes before you;
G       C      Em    D
In every step, He is with you;
G             C     Em     D
His presence will, never leave you;
G              C      Em       D
His awesome love, cannot forsake you.
C              G
So do not be afraid anymore;
C                                                D
Do not be discouraged, He’s right at your door;
C        (D)  G
Do not be afraid anymore;
C   D        G
Just open up to the Lord.
C               G
Cuz it’s love, love, love
C               G
Love, love, love
C       D      Em         C
Just love, love, love
D              G
He’s filled with love.

Lyrics & Music: Dylan Cromhout
Inspired by: Deuteronomy 31:8 (written for a dear friend)
Sung by: Dylan Cromhout, Cape Town
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2 thoughts on “Open up to the Lord – Song

  1. Hi Dylan. What a beautiful song to start the week with – thank you! I was remembering also, how at first, the Lord’s love can seem so strange, so other, so unknown, so unfamiliar, that letting it in and trusting it to be good, can feel kind of scary, almost like having to leap off a cliff. So glad I did, because underneath are those everlasting and strong arms of the Lord to catch us and love us. So enjoyed fellowship last night, looking forward to more of Him together. Blessings and love in Him dear brother!

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