HOW to let the Lord love you?

In my previous post I looked at the first and fundamental aspect of Christianity – the entire kit and kabudal – and it is the foundation upon which the Christian life is built – Letting the Lord love you.

Although this is really the basis of Christian life, so many Christians move on from it after initially meeting the Lord, especially those who get saved (meet the Lord) radically and then get caught up in organisational forms of religious service. Some Christians who have grown up in systemised church have sadly never even touched it, for although they know theologically that the Lord loves them (and often hear it preached on Sunday’s), they have truly never experienced it as an ongoing reality. And although they might say that they know the Lord loves them, their internal minds often ask questions concerning the opposite: “Does the Lord actually love me?” “Why do I feel so condemned?” “Is the lord pleased with me?” “Am I a good Christian?” and so on. This is more of a reality than we think, and although most believers usually say the right things, that which is happening on the inside of them is often quite the opposite.

This dear brothers and sisters more than anything, saddens the Lord’s heart greatly. For His desire is that all his chosen saints, all his beloved would experience daily the Love that he has for them.

And so the question that we need to consider is “How do we let the Lord love us?” For we know that it is what he desires to do, but how do we experience it? How does it become our reality? How?

Dear saints, in many ways this is very simple. But as mentioned in previous posts, it is our interpretation of scripture, the religious communities we are a part of, and our own personal mental frameworks that usually complicate it all for us. Sadly, these elements combine to form a complicated mess that leaves us enslaved and therefore unable to access the free truths that are in Christ.

And even though the answer to these questions are simple, the journey of getting there is different for each person. For some it is an easy aspect to grasp and then experience, whereas for others it takes seconds to understand, and years to learn and eventually enjoy as a daily reality. And so, for this reason, I have decided to do a series of posts that will hopefully shed more light on the matter. You see, hearing a truth means nothing unless one is able to actually internalise it. And so it will be my quest in the next few posts to help us renew our framework in such a way that the simple truth’s connected to the Lord’s awesome love can be accepted, digested, and enjoyed!

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6 thoughts on “HOW to let the Lord love you?

  1. I totally agree with you. I am looking forward to the next article on this….how soon will the ‘food’ be ready….ha ha ha ….thank you Brother Dylan. More like Christ brother…

    1. Hey brother. I actually wrote these posts a few years ago, just before I took a break from blogging. So I never got to finish the series…. but maybe this is a good time to do so…..

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