How to let the Lord love you? – Repentance

In my previous blog post about learning to let the Lord love you, I talked about the necessity of faith when it comes to receiving the Lord’s love. Initially I included a section about repentance for those who struggle with actually receiving faith to believe into and experience God’s love. However, after publishing the post I thought about it and decided to rather use a separate post to focus on it.

We have come to see that in order to enter into and receive God’s love we need to have faith. And as we discussed last time, “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Rom 10:17).  In order to receive the faith to believe into and receive God’s love we need to hear the truth about God’s love spoken to us by the Lord Jesus, and we need to hear it in our inner being.

But what if we are unable to truly open our hearts to the inward speaking of the Lord Jesus regarding God’s love? What if we open our minds to hear, but for some reason we cannot truly open our hearts to hear through the word of Christ…. We hear His words spoken to us, sung about, we read about it in books and have friends tell us about God’s love, but for some reason these truths do not sink down into our spirits and produce the faith we need to enter into and receive God’s love.

In such cases we need to hear the first words Jesus spoke when he began his ministry…

“Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Matt 3:2).

We all come with baggage. We all have had experiences in our lives that have taught us to believe in certain ways. And this is especially true for what we believe about God.

If for example we had unloving parents, our hearts may automatically believe the same about God. These lies then stand in the way of us being able to believe anything else about God. And Jesus knows this about us. That is why His first words to us are…

“Repent!””Change your mind about God, for what you always thought was true, is not…””In fact, His kingdom is right here, it has come near you. He wants to know you…”

The Lord cannot fill a house that is already full. If our hearts are full of lies about God then we first need to give up those lies before He can fill us with the truth. We first need to repent from what we have believed and ask God to forgive us for believing those lies about Him for so long. Only once we have truly repented and rejected those lies and been set free from Satan’s dark grip on our hearts can we truly begin to receive the Lord’s inward speaking and gain faith to believe and enter into God’s love.

If you are at this place I suggest that you repent. And if you are struggling to do so on your own, I suggest spending some time with a brother or sister that can help you do so and even minister to you in the spirit. Someone that can help you become free from the lies and the bonds that Satan has used to ensnare your heart for so long. Once your house is clean, you will be able to receive the Lord’s inward speaking, gain faith, and enter into a lifelong journey of enjoying His love for you. And you will come to see and experience as many dear believers have, that this love will forever change you. You will never be the same again. For there is nothing sweeter than being found in His love.

If you have ever had to repent and be set free from lies that you believed about God, please share your testimony in the comments section below….

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2 thoughts on “How to let the Lord love you? – Repentance

  1. So true that repentance is the way to receiving more of God’s love and Kingdom in our lives and most importantly in our hearts and spirits. Not just once off either, but each time the Lord shows us an area needing change. We are so in need of inner renewal and restoration, as we are constantly impacted, even moulded by this fallen world and its ways. Thank you Lord for making it possible through faith in Christ Jesus, His Word and regular repentance!

    Love and blessings in Him

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