God’s Zeal for His House – Our Purpose

*** This article is part of a blog series by a Guest AuthorNic Thackwray. It is a journey into understanding better God’s Zeal for His House. You can check out the Introduction to the series here. ***

The Garden of Eden: paradise, inhabited by God and man. God with man and woman…the way it is meant to be; friendship with God acted out every day of every week of every year for all eternity, worshiping and knowing our Father intimately and completely.

And they heard the sound
of the LORD God
walking in the garden
in the cool of the day.
Genesis 3:8a

What does the absolute presence of God sound like? Adam would not have stopped at hearing His presence. When God would walk in the Garden, Adam would first hear Him, then he would see. He would see God. He would see His face. Then he would smell His fragrance, he would feel God embrace him, he would feel the physical glory of God fill his body with energy and life and love and Adam’s heart would overflow with worship and adoration – and the heart of God would delight in Adam.

Prayer is not a means to an end. It is the end. Or rather it is our end, our greatest purpose. If we only pray in order to ask God to do something, or pray to fulfill our spiritual duty, or even pray because we believe it is good and God wants us to do it, then we are missing the point. It is prayer that God created us for. Not the prayer that we think of in our imperfect minds, not the prayer that most of us experience today, but unadulterated face-to-face prayer. And if Moses, who was under an inferior covenant experienced face-to-face prayer with God, then surely, surely it is accessible to us now through our perfect Sacrifice, through Jesus!

I am starting to see prayer as the very purpose of my existence, as the restored communion with God that was once enjoyed in the Garden, as any and every type of intentional communication both to and from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is restoring what was lost in the fall: the garden, except now we will live with God in a house, and we are the house. Next week I will look at what being God’s house means for us.

Father, restore me to my original purpose, to intimate communion with You, to a life lived in Your presence, worshiping You and loving You, forever.

5 thoughts on “God’s Zeal for His House – Our Purpose

  1. Very good; Oh God let us be a generation that seeks your face… that seeks your face for you more than for our jobs, marriages, churches etc. These are all good, but secondary — He is primary.

  2. This is a very great revelation. One that I know I am still very young in. To walk with God and spend hours with Him. Men like Andrew Murray, Watchmen Nee, Brother Laurence, and other deep men of God come to mind.

    These men had a very real and deep revelation of this. I really pray that the Lord will release this in our day. I find that the realities of life and the day to day “goings-ons” really overwhelms my life in general. But deep within me I have a desire to walk with God all the time. To stay in His presence and be with Him. Oh, that that day would come!

    Honestly, even though we have old saints to look at for guidance, I think this is something that is cultivated in a community. One can only go as deep as the community around you. Ultimately, it will determine your spiritual life, whether you want it to or not.

    In a community that seeks, encourages, and pursues depth with Christ, there you will find it. And that is the community that I’m looking for. The brothers and sisters that I want to spend my time with and grow deeper and deeper in the Lord with. That is what I want. Quality, not quantity. Brothers and sisters, devoted to going deep with Christ, and a church practice that is fundamentally built on it. Built on knowing Him. Built on Christ.

    That is where you will find me!

    1. To be honest, i never really thought that sir you would go this deep in spiritual issues. Honestly, please do not be offended. It’s like here in south Africa people do not really come out in the open and speak about Jesus. I do not know why? I mean He is such an amazing father but people simply live as if He doesnt even exist and worse still to hear about Him. I am amazed. I thought it was a Zimbabwean thing wereby we talk about these things. Never thought i would hear this here. wow.

      1. Hi Rugare

        Surprise, surprise. Indeed, I am a follower and lover of Christ.

        I do not know what Zim is like, but here in South Africa I guess people are less vocal about their faith. Or, rather, they are vocal in different ways. Like me for instance, I do not voice my beliefs in the classroom, that would be inappropriate. Therefore, unless you know me personally, or can engage with me in a place other than the classroom, I guess there would be no real way for you to know my spiritual disposition (besides maybe seeing the fruit of the spirit in my life – of which I hope some are evident in my conduct with you all :)).

        But none-the-less you have found a way – through my blog. And I am glad that you have commented and asked. The classroom is for lectures, but, as you know, my door is always open to conversations about anything, especially concerning walking with the Lord and growing in Him.

        Please feel free to comment on posts and share your thoughts and feelings. I trust you will enjoy being a part of this blogging community.

        In Christ

        Mr. D

  3. As a fellow South African living in Port Elizabeth, I welcome this kind of thinking that is permeating Christ’s body – not only in this country but around the world…

    Bless you, friends!

    Erroll Mulder.

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