In the beginning… (part 2): Curiosity killed humanity!

#2.2 of Living with Christ as our Source

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Last week, we saw that in the beginning, Adam and his Wife only knew to live from what God taught and instructed. They were like children depending wholeheartedly on their Father. They did not claim to know “right” from “wrong”, but only knew what God had “said” versus what God had “not said.” In this we see a glimpse of what it means to live from Christ as our Source. It is a shift from trying to live from a place of human understanding to a place where we live by the Word of God. Something that both Adam and his wife were doing quite successfully, until the Woman got into a conversation with the serpent.

As naive as children are, so also was the Woman. Her first mistake was to converse with the serpent. We see this many times in stories of children being upducted. The predators begin “talking” to them and in so doing, lure them away with all kinds of lies. Hence the very famous instruction to all children: “Don’t talk to strangers!” The Woman unfortunately had not gotten this memo, and ended up getting into a seemingly “harmless” converstaion that would ultimately doom the world forever.

Her first mistake and essentially the one that lead to her sin and their fall was “listening” to a different source. Conversing and discussing the ways of life and rules for living with someone other than her creator. She knew what the Lord had said, we see that in the passage in Genesis 3, but she chose to “entertain” the musings and thoughts of someone else other than God. In that moment, she let go of her union with God to “discover” what this serpent might know.

We see this in stories of adultery. Initially, it does not start out as adultery, or even desire, but simply as “curiosity“. The man for example refrains from holding onto the union in His heart with His wife, and kind of, “lets go” of the side railing to put his toes into the water to see what it feels like. To “test” it. He says to himself, “I just want to see what it feels like. It can’t hurt. I’m not doing anything wrong. Besides, I can handle it. I’m not going to stray too far from the edge.” And then we all know what happens. Curiosity turns into a game, and the game turns into desire, and desire turns into… , well you know the story. And soon the man is fully submerged in the waters of adultery, that are flowing harder and stronger down river to his doom.

And it was exactly the same for the Woman. She was “curious.” And her curiosity lead her down a path that we have never fully recovered from.

Now there is nothing wrong with curiosity, in its right place. Just like a child comes running to her dad with something weird in her hand saying “daddy, daddy what is this?”, so too the Woman could have done the same. She could have firstly involved her husband, and then they could have both gone to God and told him what the serpent had said asking “Lord, Lord, what is this that the serpent has said? Is it true?”

But she didn’t. And after she had eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, so did Adam. Without question. He just naively listened to the same nonsense the serpent had told his wife. In that moment, He let go of God as His source, and chose to receive information for life from the serpent via his wife. He too was “curious” of this power that He could have by eating of this tree. And it ended up in tragedy for us all.

And in this my dear brothers and sisters we see a fundamental lesson of living with Christ as our Source. We need to be completely united to Him and Him ALONE. There is no place to be connected to Him and to something else. That something else, will ultimately pull us down and away from God.  We must not even entertain looking at or engaging with anything else other than Christ. Even if that something resembles Christ in some way. If it is not Christ, it is satan. Simple. Just like there were only two sources back then, there are still only two sources today. Christ, accessed by dying to self, and satan, accessed by building up the self.

Lord Jesus Christ. I ask that you will show us what it means to be connected to you completely. What it means to live with you as our only source. Show us the counterfeits in our lives and give us the courage to disconnect from them so that we can be fully reconnected to you and you alone. We want to live out our purpose in spirit and in complete truth.


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5 thoughts on “In the beginning… (part 2): Curiosity killed humanity!

  1. Your point about harmless curiosity is valuable and in my experience very true. How alluring the Enemy can trick us into sin – starting with seemingly harmless ideas – like you said: ‘it can’t hurt’ etc.

    The Lord must’ve known this about us humans when He’d created us. He also must’ve thought Him telling us not to do something would be enough for us to obey – based on His relationship with humans at that time, which was us being completely dependent on Him, that should’ve actually been enough to keep us vitally unified and connected to Him and there should’ve been no reasons to trail off. But alas, humans are curious – and it leads to our death in one way or another.

    Thank you for your post.

  2. Hey Dyl, as I look at my own life I see how this “harmless curiosity” has played itself out on many a occassions. My pursuit after the “things” of God rather than the Person of God have on countless occassions left me dry and unsatisfied as the “things” of God were never intended to be our source!

    This is what religion is all about. This seemingly good fruit which promises us God-like status in our state of “harmless curiosity.” Many times I have found myself in a “new thing that God was doing,”
    thinking that finally I have found the Holy Grail, the missing piece in the puzzle in my pursuit to God-like status!

    Thank God that by His grace and mercy I am not searching anymore for the “new thing/move” of God. My eyes have opened to the reality of the source of life within me, Christ!

    Thanks for the post bro!

    1. Dear John

      Welcome to the blog. It is good to have you aboard. Thanks so much for your comment.

      You are so right, the “things” of God as you say, were never supposed to be our source. Christ is! He is the express image of God. The very center of all life. The reason it all exists. Everything was made through him, for him and by him. He is the way the truth and the life. The very bread of life. That which gives us life. But, for some strange reason, we get completely distracted from Him. It is so plain. So simple. Especially if you read the scriptures. It’s almost on every page. Christ, Christ, Christ.

      But I, just like you and many others have gone astray and wandered away from Christ being our life. I also got into all the so called “new moves of God,” “prophetic encounters,” “miracles and power,” the list carries on. What hogwash those things are apart from Christ! All things to distract us from Christ. Things that look like they could be God-inspired and seemingly “biblical” but actually are just forms of the truth. Not the truth itself. The Devil is so cunning. Oh, how he loves to trick us into living from every other source but Christ himself. It is so sad. Because it looks like life initially, but then it never gives any. And so many people are trapped in it. My heart yearns for all to be free of it.

      And for that reason I pursue the Lords Eternal Purpose in Christ. For she, His bride is the most beautiful and “persuasive” evangelist on the planet. The Body correctly functioning. The bride completely and overwhelmingly in love with her Lord. She will draw those that are unsatisfied. For they will be dumbstruck by her passionate and expressive Love for Him. And they will realise that what they might have in organisations, moves, and ministries are like a muddy pit in comparison to the endless and crystal ocean that is in the person of Christ.

      I thank the Lord every day for bringing me to Christ, the real Source of Life. And I am so glad that He is done the same for you. Praise Him! May He draw many more my brother, to the SOURCE of Life itself – CHRIST!

      In Christ


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