The Source of Our Oneness – Poem

So many divisions around us persist,
With each one a doctrine or practice insist,
Yet oh just how deeply our Lord did resist,
Everything that would His own body so twist.

So in order to save us from such a dark fate,
Our Lord sought his Father to expertly make,
One new man within himself to create,
From every dear member that makes up His mate.

And so did the Father devise a keen plan,
That would once and for all time create one new man,
With no more divisions or doctrines or clans,
But only the one from whom all things began.

And so in the fires of God’s beating heart,
A plan was devised that would bring a new start,
To destroy all the things that have torn us apart,
And never again by the devil outsmart. Continue reading “The Source of Our Oneness – Poem”