#3 – The Genesis of Life [Rev 19:1-10]

This is continued from the previous post. (You will find that as we are in a certain passage, I will basically just continue with a trail of thought for a while. I find that dwelling on a piece of scripture, almost making my home there for a while, really releases much revelation.)

Okay, so remember we are in the scene where God just finally deals with corruption in the world, and immediately, Jesus gets married to His Bride and essentially starts a new family for God. Adam and Even all over again.

So God gets to the end of His first attempt, and Bam!, He goes straight for it again. He is clearly yearning to have a family. There is no waiting even. No resting. No like, “Ah, now that that is over, I can just chill for a bit and rest before I think about starting a family again.” No, He goes straight into a new relationship so to speak. He has just come out of a very dysfunctional one, but yet, He goes straight into a new one. Just this time with the right person. A person who He knows will not “hurt” Him again. Someone who will not mess up like before. This time its with Jesus Christ, the second Adam. Someone He trusts. Someone who has proved Himself as completely loyal. Completely devoted and committed to Gods heart and desires. A Godman, completely surrendered to the will of His Father.

A Godman. Wow, that is amazing. I don’t even really know how to describe it. Lets look at it chronologically:

1)      God desires family

2)      God creates a man to populate a family

3)      Man sins, God looses His family

4)      God so desires family, He decides to become a man

5)      Jesus Christ then brings forth a bride in the Earth

6)      He chooses one from imperfect humans

7)      And then cleanses Her by His own blood

8)      He goes up to prepare a place for her in His Father’s house

9)      He waits patiently while His Father prepares her for Him

10)  He gets married to her and they start a new completely pure family together

11) And finally, God gets His Family!

One of the most powerful things in all of this is that God doesn’t choose to become a man, just so He can set the world free from sin, and then go back to being a God again only. No, he chooses to stay a man forever. Jesus Christ is a human being with a glorified body living in Heaven right now. (read that sentence again.) And He will be a human being forever. For all eternity God will essentially be a human. Just, so that He can be with us. If that is not supernatural, astronomical, TRUE LOVE, then I don’t know what is.

God, show us the complete insanity of your love. Give us words, pictures, concepts, or anything to help us really comprehend your love for us. Reveal to us the length and the depth, and the height and the width of your love which surpasses all knowledge. We just want to be caught up in it. We want it to blow our minds.

4 thoughts on “#3 – The Genesis of Life [Rev 19:1-10]

  1. Shoo huge statement there. Jesus is not a human now hey. But we will be like Him when we leave earth.
    Without getting technical here. Jesus had to be a human to conquer sin while on earth, but I think that is where the necessity to be human ends. Now He can Identify with us as human since He was one, but I think its living on the edge to say He is human forever. But I could be wrong…..

    1. Thanks for commenting Lynley

      I think the very fact that you can’t imagine it, is what makes it so powerful. Its tough to think that God would choose to become a man forever. But that is exactly what He has done. Forever He will be able to identify with us, because He IS one of us. Grasping this concept of Christ is at the very core of relationship with Him. Until one embraces this fact, He will always still be a far-off God, who once was a man.

      Hence, you will only be able to be in relationship with the Jesus in the Bible, one that used to exist. So essentially, having a historical relationship with God. Because He is still a man now, we are able to continually identify with Him in the present. He was, is, and forever will be our great high priest. (Have a read through Hebrews 4:14 – 5:10)

      Check out some of these other blogs and articles as well:


      Let us know what conclusion you come to please. Bless you bro.

  2. It is quite amazing that Jesus gets married straight away after His success of slaying the enemy and being established as the King – verse 6 says: the people said: Praise God! For the Lord, our Almighty God, is King (or) reigns!)

    This means that He must’ve had getting married as a goal all along… It reminds me of incidences in the Old Testament where people (men) used to work or fight or lead armies with the motivation of getting married to the King or their boss’s daughter. Take for example 1 Sam.17:25 where King Saul promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man who defeats Goliath. There is also the example of Jacob who falls in love with Rachel and is willing to work for her hand in marriage for 7 years and then another 7 years on top of that after Laban had tricked him to marry Leah (Gen.29).

    It’s interesting that a bride, according to scripture, seems to be a good reward to work/fight and for Jesus, even to die for… amazing. So much so that it’s the first thing Jesus does after becoming the King over everything – get married. Getting married is one of Jesus’ first priorities and one of the Father’s first priorities for Him. He wants family, aha.

  3. It’s not only Jesus’ first priority – but His motivation of the ages to push through everything, all His suffering – it’s what motivated him on the cross as well…

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