#2 – The Genesis of Life [Rev 19:1-10]

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If you have a moment, please have a read through Revelation 19:1-10 before reading this post. Especially because we will be focusing on these scriptures for the next while. I will place single scriptures in the post if we focus on them individually.

[19:1-4] So, we see in Revelation 19, a Party! It’s the celebration of the ages. Jesus Christ has taken out the prostitute that was deceiving the world, and everybody is rejoicing. He has once and for all destroyed that which corrupted the world. He has essentially cleansed creation. And because of that, God is praised and honoured by every living thing in Heaven. The 24 elders, and the four living creatures are falling down before Him. An expression of their gratitude and love for Him and for what Jesus Christ has done to redeem the world back to His God and Father.

This scene definitely reveals the Glory of Jesus Christ. It is all about His success. How His choices effected creation. How His actions have prospered and born fruit for God. It is a picture of the Glory given to Him who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is His day.

[19:6-10] From that place of celebration and rejoicing for the defeat of sin and corruption in the world, the immediate next scene is the marriage supper of the Lamb. Immediately the celebration transforms into a wedding. How interesting is it that once all is said and done, once all the world is made pure, holy life is introduced and established with a wedding. The new world order, completely void of sin for the first time, is birthed with Jesus Christ being glorified and receiving the reward of His sufferings. A Bride!

And everybody in Heaven is there praising Him. And the angels are exhorting the crowds to rejoice and celebrate. (What an awesome worship party…) It is the moment they have all been waiting for. The moment the entire universe has been groaning for. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. How fascinating! At the very meeting point between the end of all of life as we know it, and the beginning of new life in eternity… A Wedding. The marriage of Jesus Christ to his perfectly beautiful Bride. From that point, everything changes. Everything is new!

Its like they are the new Adam and Eve. Isn’t that fascinating! Think about it. Creation has been cleansed and is essentially free from sin, just like it was before the fall, and the first thing that happens, just like in the Garden of Eden where God brings Adam a wife, is He brings Jesus Christ a Bride. Wow! It’s like a restart. Just this time, this “Adam” the first new man, whom God is going to use to populate a family with, is not just a man, He is also God. Powerful. He is Jesus Christ.

So here we see something extravagant about God. He wants a family. Is that not what a marriage creates? Family. God has wanted a family all along. So He made a world in which He could live with His family. And then He made Adam and Eve to create /or populate that family for Him. But before that could happen, they sinned, and essentially God lost the Holy Family He so desired to dwell with.

So it would seem that He realises that His first attempt essentially failed. He made a man, but that man was not able to resist sin and choose His desires wholeheartedly. So what God chooses to do is actually preposterous. It is unthinkable. He so desires a family, that He chooses to become a human. It’s madness. He doesn’t just go and wipe everything out, like any normal artist would do if they made a flop. No, He becomes one of us. Why on earth would He do that? Why would a completely Holy God and perfectly content Being, choose to make Himself one of His creatures? It seems insane. It’s like a sculptor choosing to become a sculpture. Its ridiculous. At least to the logical human brain. I think that only love can possibly explain it. Crazy Love. And even though I guess I can sort of understand this love, it is still magnificently insane.

It makes me wonder if there are any films or stories about a human choosing to become an animal for love. Or something similar. (If you know of any films or stories that depict this concept, please post it up. Would be great to watch them.)

So we see here basically the heart throb of God. He has just finished sorting out the last dysfunctional family He had, and Bam, He starts again. Oh, how He longs for family. But more on that tomorrow.

Father, would you reveal to us your desire for family. Would you open our eyes to see you as a Father. A Being who deeply desires family. Show us who you are. Show us your heart.  We want to know you Father. Amen

4 thoughts on “#2 – The Genesis of Life [Rev 19:1-10]

  1. Revelation: Jesus actually died for us in order to be with us, to have us as His bride eternally. That means He didn’t only die so we could be free from sin, but also (and I guess in some ways it’s the same thing) died so that we could be with Him, cleansed by His blood – His holiness, so that we could actually be with Him, His partner, His bride. Amazing.

  2. This sort of love is unimaginable! Its the reason why the world has failed to choose Jesus because they have failed to understand this love…God so desperately wants to be a family with us…Him in His perfection…us in our imperfection…its beyond human reasoning. For those who have come to know this “unbelivable” truth, our response ought to be nothing less than 100% our total love and commitment. God is awesome!

    Thanks for the posts…it is so refreshing and reassuring to get a glimpse of the heart and mind of God.

    God Bless…X

    1. Diva Sister

      Thanks for your comment. God is indeed absolutely set on having a family. Nothing can or will change that. He has determined it in His heart before the foundation of the world, and nothing, not even sin will stand in His way. Love makes people do crazy things. And nothing as crazy has ever or will ever happen as God becoming man, one of His creatures, just so that He can be with them. Mind-blowing! Our response should simply be to accept this amazing gift in Christ and enjoy relationship with the most beautiful and passionate being in the universe forever.

      Bless you sister. Lets stay captivated by the unsearchable mysteries and beauties of Christ.


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